Senior Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for a senior full-stack developer to join our team and help us build the next generation of web applications. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of both front-end and back-end web development technologies, as well as experience working with a variety of web development frameworks.

Job Description

Technology Requirements

  1. Minimum 10 years of ASP.NET MVC Experience with minimum 4 years in ASP.NET Core
  2. Minimum 8 years React and Redux experience with minimum 4 years in Redux
  3. Minimum 6 years of experience in CSS3 with experience in animations and transitions
  4. Minimum 6 years in Entity Framework with a minimum of 3 years in EF Core Code First
  5. Minimum 5 years of experience in writing and optimizing SQL Queries with good knowledge of Indexes, SQL Server Tools such as SSMS, SQL Profiler and others
  6. Should have experience with automated integration testing using Cyprus and Chrome Puppeteer
  7. Should have unit testing experience in .net using tools such as MSTest, XUnit or others.
  8. Should have experience with Azure Devops, Git with workflows as ReleaseFlow and GitFlow

Other Requirements

  • Should have minimum 6 years of experience developing APIs, microservices
  • Should have experience developing interactive dashboards with charting libraries such as HighCharts
  • Should have experience with architectural patterns such as Repository patterns or others
  • Should have experience with notification libraries like SignalR
  • Should have worked in a MNC for a minimum of 4 years
  • React Native experience is a plus
  • Experience with CSS Frameworks like Tailwind is desired


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